Earth Sciences
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​GENERAL SAFETY AND SECURITY INFORMATION - Earth Sciences building: Please be vigilant. The following simple precautions should always be taken.

  • Make sure the building entrance door is closed, especially  when working after hours or during the weekend.
  • Never block building entrance doors open unless the door is actually guarded, especially after normal business hours. If you see a door in this condition, close and lock it, or call security on x2333.
  • Never leave laboratory or office doors open unless you are actually in the room.
  • Always lock the door when you leave, even if it is just for a minute or two
  • Never leave bags, purses, wallets, cell phones, keys, etc. within sight. Always put these things away and preferably locked away when not actually in use.
  • Never leave money or valuables in rooms overnight. Note that if you use laptops or equipment borrowed from the department or staff members, it becomes your financial responsibility to replace the item if it is lost/stolen.
  • If you see anyone you do not recognise in the building, you are perfectly ​entitled to ask who they are and what they are doing. If you are not satisfied with their answer call campus security on x2333.
  • If you witness a crime or suspicious activity on campus, call campus security on x2333.

Security is as much your business as your personal safety is.​

SU Crisis hotline (24 hour): 010 205 3032  Campus Security EMERGENCY: 021 808 2333 - Campus Security GENERAL ENQUIRIES: 021 808 4666 - SAPS EMERGENCY: 10111 - SAPS Stellenbosch Ops Centre: 021 809 5015 ​​- Ambulance: 10177 - ​Ambulance NETCARE: 082 911 - Fire Department Stellenbosch: 021 808 8888 - Traffic Department Stellenb​osch: 021 808 8813 - Public Hospital Stellenbosch (casualties): 021 808 6147/84 - Medi-Clinic Stellenbosch: 021 861 2094/5

​​On site US staff: George Olivier: 021 808 3118 - Fiazel Timmey 021 808 2715