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Department for Physics

​Modules presented by this department are available to residential students only.

Physics is derived from the Greek, Phusike Episteme, which means, "a knowledge of nature". Physical systems are modelled by definitions and laws of nature. These equations are manipulated mathematically to predict the characteristics of the system under investigation.

Some of the topics covered from the first to the third year include: mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, waves, electricity, magnetism, alternating current theory, electromagnetism, electronics, modern physics, statistical physics and nuclear physics.

Work includes both theory and practical laboratory work. First year students compile a poster that is displayed as part of a poster competition. The poster topic can be anything from science, engineering or technology and the poster must demonstrate that the student has the ability to do first year physics. The poster project provides the opportunity for the student to be academically involved in something of own personal interest – a play whilst work concept.

After completing the B.Mil. degree, post graduate studies can be undertaken in collaboration with the main campus of the University of Stellenbosch. At a post graduate level, the department is involved with JINR, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Russia. In 2010, two masters degree students and one honours degree student undertook studies in the department.