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HIV Cure Research - Workshops


Youth Engagement: HIV Cure Activity Book & Workshops


  • The DMEL produced 2 editions of an HIV cure research Activity book entitled “The war against HIV", which was first published in March 2017. This activity book was written by Dr Farha Cassim, with illustrations by Lisa Africa, both final year medical students at the time.
  • A second edition featuring an insert on the South African child was published in November 2017.
  • The activity book is envisioned as a resource to the life orientation curriculum for high-school learners.
  • DMEL introduced the activity book to the Provincial curriculum planner (grades 4 to 9) for life orientation for the Department of Education in the Western Cape. The life orientation curriculum is currently in a phase of undergoing change and we are at a historical juncture where we would be able to impact on the educational messages high school learners will receive on HIV.  

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Learner Workshops

To measure the effectiveness and accessibility of the content of the Activity Book, we held a number of high-school learner workshops.            

A total of 6 pilot workshops were held with Grade 9 learners at 2 schools in 2017. Workshops were held during the Life Orientation Lessons.

Three workshops piloting the Activity Book (Edition 1) were held at The Settlers High school in April 2017 and 90 students participated.  

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Three workshops piloting Activity Book Edition 2 were held at Claremont High School in August 2017. Edition 2 includes information about a South African child who after early treatment with ARV's had an undetectable HI viral load.   

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Learners' Essay Writing Competition

Learners from both schools who attended workshops were invited to participate in an Essay Writing competition on: “New ways to educate the community about HIV cure research". We presented certificates of participation to all learners who entered the competition. The winner from each school received a Proline Tablet valued at R2000. Certificates and prizes were awarded  at each school's final award giving ceremony in December 2017.



Western Cape Educators' Workshop

In March 2018 we presented our HIV cure activity book to approximately 60 teachers at a workshop held by the Western Cape Department of Education. This workshop was facilitated by Dr Farha Cassim.

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Community Advisory Board Workshop

The CMEL was asked to present the activity book  to 70 Community Advisory Board (CAB) members from Tygerberg Hospital on 1 December – World AIDS Day. This workshop was hosted by Stellenbosch University and held at the STIAS conference centre, Stellenbosch. ​

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