Division of Medical Ethics and Law​

​​​​​​Visiting Academic Staff​

Dr Alex Dubov- Loma Linda University, California

Alex Dubov.jpgAlex Dubov is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Yale Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS where he was awarded pilot funds under the NIMH R25 grant to study barriers and facilitators of PrEP implementation in Ukraine. He holds a PhD in Healthcare Ethics from Duquesne University and has a strong interest in ethical implications of using behavioral economic approaches, including framing effects, default options, and financial incentives to improve patients’ and providers’ decisions. His dissertation is an examination of the role of emotions in making moral decisions about risky medical interventions in the ICU. Prior to his PhD studies, he graduated with Master of Divinity from Andrews University and worked for Emory University Hospital first as a transplant chaplain and then later as a palliative care counselor. He held a graduate summer fellowship in Bioethics at the Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics and now teach their two summer courses on ethics of organ transplantation and ethical implications of genetics research. His research interests are in behavioral economics and decision-making science.​​​​​


Dr Ine Van Hoyweghen- University of Leuven, Belgium

Ine Van Hoyweghen.JPGIne Van Hoyweghen is a Professor in Sociology of Biomedicine at the Centre for Sociological Research of the University of Leuven (Belgium). Her research interests are in sociology of biomedicine, science and technology studies, and sociology of health care innovation. She is the Head of the Life Sciences & Society Lab at the University of Leuven, Board member of the Leuven Institute for Genomics and Society (LIGAS) and Chair of the Belgian Science, Technology & Society (B.STS) Network 





 Prof Kjell Arne Johanssan and A/Prof Ingrid Miljeteig- University of Bergen, Norway

IMG_0412_edited.jpgKjell Arne Johansson (MD, PhD) is a professor in medical ethics at the University of Bergen, Norway, and physician working in addiction medicine. His main research interests are ethics of priority setting in low-income countries with a particular emphasis on bridging theories of distributive justice to a country level.  He has developed quantitative equity impact methods to illustrate traditional ethical dilemmas in real world health care priority setting. Most of his research is done in Ethiopia, but he is also involved in large randomized trials in India, Nepal, Zambia and Uganda though CISMAC. Currently he works fulltime as a medical doctor at the psychiatric referral hospital at Zanzibar and he is a consultant for the ministry of health on mental health care at Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Ingrid Miljeteig (MD, PhD) is an associate professor in medical ethics at the University of Bergen, Norway and works as an ethics advisor at a large university hospital in Norway. She works on mapping out clinical ethical dilemmas in low-income countries, with a special focus on how resource scarcity influence decision making at the bedside. Her other field of interest is on developing and evaluating teaching programs and capacity building initiatives in medical ethics, both in resource deprived settings and in countries as Norway. She is the director of the ethics collaboration between the Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia and the University of Bergen. The collaboration has led to establishment of a Center for Medical Ethics and Priority Setting, where training programs and a clinical ethics committee are now established and where various research projects are initiated. She is currently living in Tanzania where she conducts fieldworks in several clinical departments.