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​Research Projects that are ongoing

J Bester (OT);  M Kloppers (OT);  S Statham (PT);  L Koornhof (DT);  F Bardien (SLT).  What is the perceived value of exposing students to Inter-Professional collaboration (IPC) activities at a community-based rehabilitation centre?

The aim of the research is to establish whether students' perceptions and understanding of IPC change as a result of their clinical placement at a community-based rehabilitation centre. Objectives of this study are to assess student's readiness for IPE before entering clinical placement; measure the change in student's perceptions and understanding of IPC after clinical placement and to establish the perceived value of ICF-model based activities for IPE for students.


L-A Jacobs Nzuzi Khuabi  & J Bester. The development of a relevant and responsive occupational therapy undergraduate neurological curriculum within a South African context: a collaborative approach.

The aim of the study is to conduct a needs analysis with key stakeholders to determine their views on the core knowledge skills and attitudes newly qualified therapists need to work in the field of neurology within the South African context. funded by FIRLT , Centre for Teaching and Learning Stellenbosch University.


N Plastow Embedding Graduate Attributes into Curriculum Development for an Occupation-focused Evidence-based Occupational Therapy Course.

The aim of this longitudinal project is to evaluate the embedding of graduate attributes within the renewal of our occupational therapy curriculum. This is to ensure that our students have a transformational learning experience that enables them to be agents of change in the South African healthcare system after they graduate.