Human Nutrition
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​Education - Postgraduate

Master of Science in Food and Nutrition Security​​

The overall programme objective is to develop the capacity of students to think, analyse and act in an evidence based way; their ability to deal with complex problems; ability to reflect on their own thinking and work, and ability to translate that reflection into the development of more suitable solutions; capacity to communicate research challenges as well as opportunities and solutions to colleagues and non-specialists; to assist in project/programme management and implementation; and to gain the capacity to form a judgement in an uncertain context.

Specific admission requirements
One of the following qualifications:

  • an applicable BSc Science (three years) and honours degree; or
  • a BSc Agriculture degree or a four-year Health Sciences degree with a minimum pass mark of 60%; or
  • a bachelor’s and an honours degree at level 8 of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) with a minimum pass mark of 60% as approved by Senate.
Only a limited number of students is selected annually.

Application procedure and closing date
Apply online at by 30 September of the previous year. Applications for prospective international students close on 31 August.

Duration of programme
The programme extends over a minimum of two years.

Programme description
This structured programme is presented mainly by means of technology-mediated teaching and learning, in combination with courses presented on campus. The programme comprises twelve theoretical modules and a research assignment (33% of the total credits). If the academic year extends over 40 weeks, the expectation is that you will use 22,5 notional hours per week to complete the programme.

Programme Content
(66% theoretical modules; 33% research assignment) – all modules are compulsory

Year 1Year 2
Conceptualising Food SystemsAssessing Food Security
Food Safety, Hazards and RisksFood Security Project Analysis
Human Economic DevelopmentFood and Nutrition Policies
Agriculture-nutrition Linkages 
Food Processing and PreservationResearch Assignment
Introduction to Epidemiology 
Macro- and Micronutrients and Health 
Functional Foods and GMOs 
Food Chains and Consumers 

Please note: At least one contact session (at Stellenbosch University) of one week's duration per year is compulsory.​