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Curriculum Studies

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Department of Curriculum Studies strives for academic excellence in the context of curriculum studies as a scientific field.

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Education Policy Studies

​The Department of Education Policy Studies consists of two broad strands:

1) Philosophy of Education

2) History, Sociology and Comparative Education.

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Educational Psychology

​The research focus of the Department of Educational Psychology is aimed at the educational psychological development of human potential in schools and communities.

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Whilst the CHAE has remained true to its initial focus on teaching and learning in higher and adult education settings, our work has evolved to include a strong focus on postgraduate supervision, doctoral education, and student success in higher education

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​In providing supplementary tuition programmes, SUNCEP is addressing the immediate challenge of supporting learners in Mathematics and Sciences, whilst teachers are involved in capacity building programmes. 

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​Faculty of Education Calendar 2021

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