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​​​​​​​​The Faculty of Education was established in 1918. It was one of the first faculties of Stellenbosch University and is the oldest Faculty of Educati​on in the country.  

The Faculty is made up of three departments, namely:​

This inter-disciplinary lens allows us to approach questions of education from multiple perspectives, thus enriching the ability of our students to consider different perspectives and solutions to challenges.

A number of well-respected units are also housed in the Faculty, namely:

Approximately 1500 students are registered in the Faculty. About 2/3 of these are studying to become teachers and about 1/3 are enrolled in Advanced Diploma, Honours, Master's and Doctoral programmes.

Many local and international academics and students visit the Faculty, and, if you are not already one of them, we ​invite you to join us! ​