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Community Interaction


The Department views its community interaction initiatives as significant as they are aimed at shifting, shaping and informing educational thinking and influencing practices. In addition to our primary function of generating knowledge through research, disseminating this knowledge to the broader academic and non-academic public and building meaningful relationships between the University and other institutions and communities remain at the top of our agenda. We pursue both community development work and cutting-edge scholarship in a conceptually integrated fashion. Through our teaching, learning and research, we seek to promote the social good by building a mutually enriching relationship with the community. In short, we are committed to our scholarship and its meaningful application.

The Department wishes to be of service to society across the higher education sphere as well as in collaboration with schools, further education and training (FET) colleges, development organisations and government policy agencies.

We are involved in a flagship project called the Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE), which will change to the Advanced Diploma in Education as from 2016. This community interaction initiative is of great strategic significance to the Department and the University in a number of ways. It contributes to the University's objective of promoting community development from a sound academic base, while also delivering a financial return.