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Environmental Education Programme (EEPUS)






Environmental Education Programme (EEPUS)​

EEPUS functions as a programme of the Department of Curriculum Studies of Stellenbosch University, and is funded by a number of companies, private firms and trusts for research and development projects.

 The aims and objectives of the programme are the following:

  • to present modules in environmental education for the various programme that are offered by die Faculty of Education;

  • to undertake practice-driven developmental and training projects in which the principles of environmental education are applied, and in which students from different programmes can be involved;

  • to initiate and coordinate research with regard to the development of resource material for environmental education;  curriculum investigation and inclusion of environment in formal curriculum

  • to establish a national and international network in order to contribute to the development of the concept of environmental education;

  • to contribute to the knowledge base of the field in general.


Programme Leader: Prof Chris Reddy

Research Associate: Dr Leanne Seeliger

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Areas of Specialization

Environmental education  l  Professional studies (pre- and in-service)  l  Curriculum enquiry (teacher education innovation)

Contact details:

Tel: +27 21 808 2259 / 2300