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University Preparation Programmes (UPP)

Two highly successful university preparation programmes are currently being offered at SUNCEP:

  •  the first opportunity programme for current matriculants, known as the Hope@Maties Programme​;  and 
  • the second opportunity programme, SciMathUS for learners who have already passed Grade 12.  

Both these programmes are viewed as access programmes. Both programmes aim to afford learners access to higher education; access with success.  In the pictures below are graduates at SU graduation ceremony at the end of ​2015: former Hope@Maties participants (left) and former SciMathUS students (right).

The value that the university preparation adds to the lives of young people is already well known to officials at the education departments as well as to teachers and parents and to those learners who aspire to study at Stellenbosch University.  The track record of the participants who have already completed these programmes successfully, and who graduated with different degree programmes, is also testament to this.

Click here to access the Hope@Maties page and here to access the SciMathUS page for more information about each of the programmes. Alternatively, ccntact the component head​.