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​​​​​​​Applications for SciMathUS 2020 have closed​.

For queries contact Mrs Pool: ​
    • ​021 808 3032 (office hours)
    • ​078 872 8160 (office hours)

​Information sheet for the SCIMATHUS University Preparation Programme:

Thank you for your interest in the SciMathUS year-long university preparation programme. 
​If you are contemplating applying in 2021
, please familiarise yourself with the entry requirements.​

SciMathUS is a selection programme.

The entry requirements to be considered for the programme are:

  • Prospective students should be in Grade 12 in 2019 or have matriculated in 2018 (those who matriculated before 2018 will not be considered for the programme).
  • You should have passed at least four subjects from the group of subjects designated for university admission;
  • have a Grade 12 average of at least 60% (excluding Life Orientation); and
  • have obtained a minimum of 50% in Afrikaans or English (Home Language or First Additional Language).
  • For the Science stream, you should have obtained a minimum of 45% in Mathematics and a minimum of 45% in Physical Sciences. NO STUDENTS WITH MATHEMATICAL LITERACY WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • For the Accountancy stream, you should have obtained a minimum of 45% in Mathematics and a minimum of 45% in Accounting. NO STUDENTS WITH MATHEMATICAL LITERACY WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • You should also submit evidence that you have been educationally disadvantaged (either financially, by your school and/or home circumstances).

What does the programme offer?

If you are willing to work hard, SciMathUS offers you an opportunity to improve your Grade 12 marks. With your new results you may then re-apply for admission to Stellenbosch University or any other higher education institution. SciMathUS however, cannot guarantee placement in any institution.

SciMathUS allows you to choose between Mathematics and Physical Sciences or Mathematics and Accountancy. In addition, complementary subjects such as Computer Literacy, Academic Literacy and Introduction to Economics are offered. Students re-write the National Senior Certificate Examination in Mathematics and Physical Sciences. Accountancy and Introduction to Economics are presented and assessed by the University.

Classes will be offered in Afrikaans and English, depending on the number of students in the class. The offering will be in English if most students are English speaking.

A compulsory additional Mathematics course is offered from when the students finish their NSC exams for two weeks to assist students to prepare for university Mathematics.

Funding of the programme?

SciMathUS is mostly funded by the private sector. Successful students will be asked to make an admission fee towards the cost of the programme in 2019. Please note that this is only a contribution and does not cover the cost to offer this programme.

The SciMathUS programme offers accommodation to 90 of the 100 students, priority is given to those students who come from other provinces or distances where it’s difficult to travel from home to campus every day.​

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