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I am a Grade 12 student at Hoer Meisieskool Bloemhof. I want to go in the dentistry industry but I  don't have physics as a subject now i would like to do a bridging course next year. Do US have any that I can do?

I would also like to know does the SciMaths the course with Maths and Physics require from you to have physics as a subject in school?


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I’m a Schimathus alumni (2012) and currently a third year article clerk at LDP Stellenbosch. I know it’s a bit late for the current year but would just like to know if you need any mentors . If not now I still want to offer my help for next year or whenever just to give back and help other kids the same way I was helped.​

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​Good day,

​I’m a Schimathus alumni (2012) and would like to offer help.

I’m currently a final year article clerk at LDP Stellenbosch and wanted to offer my services as a mentor. I myself lived in a Schimathus house as a student and feel I could be of help. I’m currently still staying in my hometown in Pniel. 

I now it’s a bit late for this year but like to offer myself for the future aswell.



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​To whom it may concern,

Are there workbooks available for this year's Physical Science Telematic Sessions? I heard there are workbooks for other subjects where the learners can work out the examples with the Telematics facilitator. Are there such workbooks for the Physical Science?

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​There was a post advertised recently at SUNCEP, and I wante dot know if it was still possible to apply? 

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Thelma Mort

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