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​​​​​​​​​SUNCEP (Stellenbosch University Centre for Pedag​ogy) is in existance since January 2013. SUNCEP is the amalgamation of former Centre for Education Leadership and Management (CELEMUS)​ and the former Institute for Mathematics and Science
Te​​​aching (IMSTUS).  Dr Benedict Khoboli is the current director of the Centre.  
SUNCEP,  the Centre for Pedagogy, is situated within the Faculty of Education.​
SUNCEP is responding to the general challenges in education in two ways:

1. In providing supplementary tuition programmes (Component: Learning Enhancement - LE), SUNCEP is addressing the immediate challenge of supporting learners in Mathematics and Sciences whilst teachers are involved in capacity building programmes. 
2. In the Teacher Professional Learning (TPL) component, teachers in upper primary and secondary levels (Grades 7-12) are offered accredited training courses in the teaching of Mathematics and Sciences. School leaders and district officials furthermore may enrol in different leadership and management courses.

In its LE component and through a pipeline approach, learners from Grade 7 – 12 are provided with additional assistance to deal with backlogs in specific subjects.  ​T​his pipeline approch to empower learners, "opens" in either the Talent Development Programme (TDP) for Grade 11 and 12's or in the SciMathUS programme for post matrics. These two programmes are seen as Univesity Preparation Programmes (UPPs) as the aim is to afford learners access to higher education. 

TDP is a first opportunity programme as learners can access higher education directly after school. SciMathUS is a second opportunity UPP as it affords post mat​​rics a second chance to enter higher education. 

​The new insights and knowledge generated by the Centre’s involvement in education are supported and documented in the Centre’s well-established research component. The activities of SUNCEP is backed up by an effective administrative support team.​​​

The structure of the centre is explained best in the following organogram:


​​Gallery of SUNCEP Directors


Dr Benedict Khoboli: 2020 - 


Dr Trevor van Louw: 2013 - 2019