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Teacher professional learning (TPL)

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​​In the Teacher Professional Learning  component, SUNCEP offers full qualifications and accredited short courses to in-service teachers in Mathematics, Natural and Physical and Life Sciences as well as different management courses to ​school leaders and district officials.  

SUNCEP enters into contractual agreement(s) with funders, e.g. Education Department(s), corporates, etc. on an annual basis. These courses are thus presented to cohorts of students, as identified by the funder.


Please contact your education department to find out if they are offering/funding any of these courses in 2021.

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​​SUNCEP follows a practice-based philosophy of teaching and learning to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Hence, Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is used as an approach to enable students to integrate theoretical knowledge gained through formal study, with the practice-based knowledge gained through immersion in a work or professional context. WIL takes place in the workplace and can include aspects of learning from practice (e.g. observing and reflecting on lessons taught by others), as well as learning in practice (e.g. preparing, teaching and reflecting on lessons presented by oneself). 

All the SUNCEP courses are offered in a blended format, consisting of face to face contact sessions, telematics sessions and interactive e-lessons. Professional Learning Partnerships form an integral part of the post teaching process. The Learning Partnerships Model encourages opportunities for collaborative activities in the process of constructing knowledge. Freire (1994:61) offers further support: “Knowledge is attained when people come together to exchange ideas, articulate their problems from their own perspectives and construct meanings that make sense to them. It is a process of inquiry and creation, an active and restless process that human beings undertake to make sense of themselves, the world and the relationship between the two." 

Support through Professional Learning Partnerships is offered either on-site, via the US telematics platform and/or via different social media platforms. Teachers can access these platforms (Yammer, Whatsapp etc) via their phones, tablets or computers.  Teachers also participate in co​mmunities​ of learning with their fellow students, facilitators and professional learning partners via these networks.

To obtain a certificate of competence in the short courses, teachers submit assignments that are imbedded within their teaching practices. Graduation from the full qualification require specific requirements.

From the drop-down menu above for you can access more information about the  content of the full qualifications and short courses offered by SUNCEP.​​

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