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Important HPCSA notice: Psychology internship programmes to be linked with academic training

The Professional Board for Psychology resolved that all internship programmes in Psychology must be linked with the accredited master's programme academic training. This announcement was made at the end of 2023, and although various role players in higher education are still deliberating certain implications, universities have already been instructed to implement this requirement in January 2025. As a department, we await further guidance from strategic role players, after which we shall convey possible action plans to our students.

The main implication of this decision is that graduation will depend on completing both the internship and degree components. 

Please note that this requirement will apply to all students enrolled from 2025 onwards.​​

For a list of questions and answers regarding our MEd Educational Pscychology programme, please click here.

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HPCSA Board for Psychology

Regulates the health professions in the country in aspects pertaining to registration, education and training, professional conduct and ethical behaviour, ensuring continuing professional development, and fostering compliance with healthcare standards.

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The Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) is the professional body representing psychology professionals in South Africa.



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