​Important Guidelines and Payment  Advice​

  • Rooms can only be rented for a full semester. Rent will accordingly be calculated irrespective of the students' dates of arrival or departure.
  • Affiliated students, students on quarter abroad programmes and postdoctoral fellows have different contractual obligations. These arrangements have been worked out with the respective home institutions or host departments.
  • Carefully read and sign your contract. VERY IMPORTANT: The contract is for a fixed period and therefore cannot be changed.
  • Verify and sign your payment schedule
  • Rent is paid in two equal installments: First installment: After being informed that a room has been allocated, students need to pay the first installment (half the rent payable amount) to confirm the reservation. Otherwise the room will be allocated to someone else. Second installment: The balance of the rent payable amount must be paid two months after registration.
  • Have the proof of payment of the first installment copied at Stellenbosch University International
  • Keep all receipts as proof of payment
  • Any adjustments of the original contract and/or payment schedule must be written. No oral arrangements will be considered valid.​