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Stellenbosch University's Department of Political Science & The Embassy of Japan in South Africa invites you to join: ​

​​A webinar on

Uncover the Secrets of Japanese SAKE

Date: Thursday, 25 November 2021

Time: 09h00-10h30 (SAT)​


In this webinar, we focus on Japanese SAKE, a unique and representing drink of Japan and uncover its secret and appeal. Speakers will lead you into the world of SAKE and let you visit a brewery virtually.​


Moderator          Prof. Scarlett Cornelissen, Department of Political Science, Stellenbosch University

09h00-09h30     Question and Answer on Japanese SAKE
                               Mr. Jun Kono, the 5th generation owner of Sohomare Sake Brewery

09h30-10h00     Virtual brewery tour 

                             Mr. Michihiro Kono, the 6th generation of Sohomare Sake Brewery

10h10-10h15     Question and Answer 

10h15-10h20     Conclusion

                             Prof Scarlett Cornelissen & HE Ambassador of Japan




Norio Maruyama His Excellency Mr Norio Maruyama is Ambassador of Japan to South Africa. Mr. Maruyama entered the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1983 after completing studies at the University of Tokyo. During an illustrious diplomatic career he served in missions in France, Cambodia (including as Ambassador) and the European Union. He was Minister, and later Ambassador of the Japan Mission to the European Union. Aside from these diplomatic postings, Mr. Maruyama also served in various capacities in the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including as director-general of the African Affairs department. Mr. Maruyama has been Ambassador to South Africa since January 2019.’


Scarlett Cornelissen is Professor in Political Science at Stellenbosch University. Her research centres on Africa in the global order, with a specialist focus on diplomacy and economic relations between Japan and Africa. She has held fellowships with the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University, as well as at Kyoto University and Tokyo University of Foreign Studies in Japan. She was also Leibniz Professor at Leipzig University.

vada.jpg Jun Kono 
EducationThe University of Tokyo, B.Ec., 1985, 

​The Matsushita Institute of Government and Management, 1987.  

Sohomare Sake Brewery: 5th Generation, President, 1995​

Michihiro Kono  prof hoshoya.jpg

Education: Keio University, B.Ec., 2015

Company Experience: Rakuten Inc.,2015-2017

Winemaking: Domaine Guillemot-Michel and Domaine de Montille, 2017

Sohomare Sake Brewery: 6th Generation, Managing Director, Dec. 2017



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  • Lidia du Plessis
    Coordinator: Staff Mobility Programmes & Partner Projects, Centre for Partnerships and Internationalisation​
  • Prof Scarlett Cornelissen
    Professor: Department of Political Science ​