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​​Calls for collaborative opportunties opened as per temporary rotational secretariat country​

Southern African-Nordic Centre

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Brian O'Connell (BOC) Scholarship Programme (Students)

Open to all students who are registered for a Masters programme at any of the SANORD partners in the Southern African region to spend 3-5 months at a SANORD member university in the Nordic region.

Scholarship of​ up to R100 000.

  • Due date for applications – 30 November 2023
  • Announcement date – Mid December


South Africa-Sweden University Forum

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SASUF Research and Innovation week 2024 - Sweden
The 2024 research week will take place in Sweden and will be hosted jointly between the University of Malmo, Lund University and The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (​Alnarp) campus).
Date: 13-17 May 2024

Includes: 2 days of Satellite Events before main seminar and 3 days of the Research and Innovation Seminar. (Inclusion of Staff and Students in the Seminar)

Apply to present a Workshop or a Poster during the 3-day Seminar.
Call closing date: 17 November 2023

Apply to host a Satellite event with colleagues from Sweden anywhere in Sweden during the 2 days before the main Seminar.
Call closing date: 17 November 2024​

SASUF Collaboration Funding (Virtual and Physical)

Virtual Exchange Grant
Call for Virtual Exchange Grants will open during SASUF Goes Digital #2
Next step approach to virtual collaboration by facilitating constructive people-to-people communication and interaction in higher education.
Develop virtual exchange activities such as courses, programmes or projects
Each project must include at least two partner universities in both Sweden and South Africa
Students must be included in the proposal
Amount ranging from 150 000 - 250 000 SEK (250- 400 000 ZAR) depending on scope and ambition of the activities

Seed Funding
​Call opened during Research and Innovation Seminar Week. Shared funding of 50-100 000 SEK (85- 170 000 ZAR) between 4 or more academics from member institutions, two from Sweden and two from South Africa. Only academics who attend Research and Innovation Seminar Week are able to act as main applicants or Primary Investigators per project.



Academic Consortium 21

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AC21 Legacy International Symposium,
10-12 March in Stellenbosch,
coordinated by the universities of Stellenbosch, Freiburg and Strasbourg.

Topic: “International research and education collaboration within SDG 3, 7 & 9 to contribute to a sustainable world".​
Interested researchers, emerging scholars, and postdocs to submit abstracts for the three tracks as described in the attached document. 

For abstract submissions: 17 January 2024

For registration for symposium participation:
15 February 2024​


Venice International University - VIU​

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Globalization Program (Students)​​​​

  • Multicultural, International, Interdisciplinary
  • 3 ½ month program for Bachelor and Master students
  • 140 students each semester
  • 20+ nationalities
  • 25+ courses (English is language of instruction)
  • Each course = 3hrs per week = 6 ECTS ​​
Spring semester
- Opens on October 15 of previous year
- Closes at 3pm on the Wednesday of the Orientation Week (February 17 for 2nd Semester of AY 2024-25 - Spring 2025).
Fall semester
- Opens on May 3
- Closes at 3pm on the Wednesday of the Orientation Week (September 8 for Fall 2024 semester).

PhD Academies (Students)

Interdisciplinary workshops on major societal challenges faced by humankind today, with parallel training program for proactive research career development within academia or in the private sector. 5-7day event. No fees.
Grant support is also available to support, partially or fully, the costs of international travel and accommodation.

All academies have different dates and span out throughout the year. Please visit the website for more information on offered academies and exact dates.

​Graduate Seminars (Students)

Thematic intensive seminars, on a focused topic. Aim to develop interdepartmental collaboration.
No participation fees. Grant support is also
available to support, partially or fully, the costs of
international travel and accommodation.

All seminars have different dates and span out throughout the year. Please visit the website for more information on offered academies and​ exact dates.

​Summer and Winter Schools (Students)

Intensive taught programs. The goal of these interdisciplinary summer schools is to disseminate knowledge among students (undergrad, master’s, PhD, post-doc) and young academics, and to establish and reinforce research networks among the VIU community. Fees range from €300 to €1200, half fees for students of member universities.
Students from VIU member universities: € 650 VAT included. The fees will cover tuition, course materials, lunches in the San Servolo cafeteria (6 working days on campus), social events.
Student participants will be responsible for covering their own travel expenses to and from Venice and local transportation. Accommodation available on San Servolo Island Campus

All schools have different dates and span out throughout the year. Please visit the website for more information on ​offered academies and​ exact dates.​​

Lectureships in the Globalization Program (Staff)

Venice International University invites tenured professors (or equivalent, as defined by the home university) from one of the member universities or experienced scholars in employment at the Italian National Research Council to teach one or more courses during a semester of the Globalization Program at Venice International University. 
Candidates must be full-time employees at a member university or the Italian National Research Council. 
Two professors per year to teach in the Globalization Program per member institution. 
Each teaches two courses for one 15-week semester, receiving a travel and accommodation and subsistence allowance of €8,500.
The necessary tax deductions will be applied at source.

Two deadlines each year for submitting course proposals:

March 15 and September 15 every year.

Next deadline exceptionally extedended to September 30: course proposals for AY 2024-2025 and AY 2025-2026  

​Lectureships in the Globalization Program (Summer Sessions) (Staff)

In 2022 VIU is introducing Summer Session with the aim of extending the opportunities to study and teach at VIU. This Summer Session is an opportunity for professors who, due to teaching, research, administrative or personal commitments, are otherwise unable to spend a full semester at VIU. 
Summer Sessions will be 4 weeks in total. 
Professors teaching one 40-hour course in the Summer Session of Venice International University will be paid €3,000 gross. The necessary tax deductions will be applied at source.
• Courses from any discipline can be proposed. Courses must be suitable for BA and MA students and must take into consideration that VIU students come from different cultural backgrounds (with about 20 nationalities represented in a semester) and from different academic traditions.
• Each course must consist of 40-hours. 36 hours of in-class tuition + 4 hours of extra activities (thus 9 hours/week in-class).
• Professors may consider team teaching solutions, either with colleagues from their own university or in other VIU member universities.

The Call for applications is open, Closes 12 February 2024.

Proposals for Intensive Graduate Activities at Venice International University. (Staff)

• PhD Academies and Graduate Seminars 
• Summer/Autumn/Winter School

Do you have an idea for an interdisciplinary PhD Academy, Graduate Seminar or Summer School?

Would you like to work with colleagues from other universities in the VIU membership?

Would your students enjoy the opportunity to participate in an intensive residential program in Venice?

Submit a proposal for a joint intensive graduate activity to Venice International University.

VIU accepts proposals from scholars in the member universities for intensive graduate activities according to the following deadlines:​

Summer/Autumn/Winter schools to take place in 2025.

Deadline: March 15, 2024.

PhD Academies and Graduate Seminars to take place in 2024 and 2025.

Deadline: March 15, 2024 (Extraordinary Submission Window)

The proposals will be discussed during the Academic Council in March/April 2024.

PhD Academies and Graduate Seminars to take place in 2025 and 2026.

Deadline: September 15, 2024

The proposals will be discussed during the Academic Council in October 2024​​​​


International Network of Universities - INU​

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​Staff Knowledge Exchange Program (Staff)

Apply to spend a week at any INU member university around the; sharing knowledge, initiatives and expertise between university departments and divisions.
The opportunity is open to professional and administrative support services staff at INU member universities.

Please note that SU has its own internal vetting process for this opportunity. This is the first step to apply for this programme. Please follow the link below to the SU application form.  SU Application form​

No closing dates to applying.
​Researcher Mobility Program (Staff)

Faculty and PhD​ students are invited to apply to spend 2-4 weeks at another INU member university around the world, sharing research activities and developing joint research initiatives.

5 awards of up to $2,000 each year.

The award contributes towards travel and living costs to facilitate the visit.

​​​Deadline to apply

31st March of each year.



INU Seed Money Funds (Staff)

Apply for funding of up to $3000 to develop a project/initiative between INU member universities. 

Applications from any area of the university are welcome (faculty and PASS environments)

Deadline to apply

​31st October of each year.


EUTOPIA Alliance of European Universities - EUTOPIA​

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EUTOPIA Researcher Mobility Program

This Researcher mobility programme is an open call managed locally by a Local Programme manager (LPM) in each EUTOPIA university. 2 to 3 week visits compensated as outgoing research mobility by the researcher’s home institution, in the limit of 3 000€ per visit, by the LPM host institution (one of the 6 universities).​​​​​​​​​​

Closed currently