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Getting Around


​​​​If you are interested in exploring South Africa, or just going on a short outing, there are plenty of options for hiring a car in Stellenbosch or Cape Town, for a weekend or even longer. If you intend to stay in Stellenbosch for several months, it may be the less expensive option to buy a car and to sell it when you leave.

Buying a car

Students should be extremely cautious when buying a car, as from experience we know that students often spend more money repairing a second-hand car than the initial amount which was paid for the vehicle.

Students must ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy, registered and insured. It is a good idea to take out insurance for your car.

Feel free to inquire at Stellenbosch University International about a recommendation in this regard.

Getting around Stellenbosch University

Uber also operate in Stellenbosch. Download the Uber app from iTunes or Google Play Store for an on-demand taxi service.

Taxis and airport shuttle service

Several taxi companies operate in and around Stellenbosch. For transport to and from Cape Town International Airport, you can make a reservation at the airport shuttle services.

Feel free to consult Stellenbosch University International for a recommendation.​

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