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Erasmus + Mobility Opportunities

​Erasmus+ is the programme of the Education, Audiovisual, and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission. It provides grants for a wide range of activities and includes a strong international dimension (i.e. cooperation with Partner Countries) notably in the field of higher education, which opens the programme to institutional cooperation and mobility of students and staff worldwide. Scholarships are available under Key Action 1 Mobility: International Credit Mobility (ICM). ICM takes place between institutions in two countries, one Programme Country and one Partner Country and it is facilitated through a bilateral agreement. Since the launch of Erasmus+ programme, Stellenbosch University has embarked on successful mobility with more than 25 institutions that include existing bilateral partners and new partners.

With regards to staff mobility, there are two types of mobility available: staff teaching mobility and staff training mobility. 

The teaching staff mobility allows academic staff to contribute to and learn from best practices and find out first-hand the workings of another country's education system. Staff teaching mobility entails a teaching activity of a minimum of 8 hours per week. Teaching activity does not only refer to formal lectures but may include partaking in a seminar or an academic student meeting or joining a lecture given by colleagues or even providing research supervision to postgraduate students. The main aim of the teaching activity is engagement with students. Staff teaching mobility may also be combined with research activities, but the teaching aspect should be prevalent.

Staff training mobility focuses on professional development opportunities for academic and support staff to improve the skills required for their portfolios and could include aspects such as job-shadowing, training in specific scientific methods, training in specific laboratory work, scoping best practices, attendance of a workshop or attendance of a staff training week. The training programme could be built around the transfer of knowledge and good practice, learning from shared experience, acquiring new practical skills, or exploring new ideas for teaching and learning.

Both types of mobility will be listed with other research activities.

Erasmus+ opportunities will be promoted on an ad hoc basis as they arise. Kindly contact Alecia Erasmus ( in this regard.​

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