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Graduation Ceremony Arrangements


The awarding of degrees, diplomas and certificates (hereafter referred to as qualifications) (including doctoral degrees and honorary doctorates) will take place in the Coetzenburg Centre at the Coetzenburg sport grounds from 2 - 5 April 2019. (see Graduation Schedule​).

Graduates to arrive two hours before ceremony:

Each ceremony will commence punctually at the time indicated in the​ graduation schedule​, but all candidates up to masters level must report at the pavilion of the Danie Craven Stadium TWO HOURS prior to the commencement of the ceremony, already in possession of their hired academic wear.

Doctoral candidates: 

Doctoral candidates should report in the Barlow Room in the Jannie Marais homestead at Coetzenburg, 1½ hours prior to the commencement of the ceremony, also already in possession of their hired academic wear.​

Late arrivals cannot be accommodated: 

Candidates who arrive with or without their hired academic wear at the Coetzenburg Centre after the ceremony has commenced, will not be able to walk over the stage and their qualification will be awarded in absentia. Take possible flight delays, power outages, traffic congestion and parking time into consideration to ensure timeous arrival. 

Official notice:

  • Download the official notice – the notice contains essential information for all graduates and guests
  • Graduates will receive an e-mail notification regarding graduation ​in March
  • Programme and name lists of graduates will be uploaded in March 2019