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Generative AI Systems in Higher Education (ChatGPT)


​​​​​​​​Generative AI Systems in Higher Education (ChatGPT)

​​​AI like ChatGPT is here to stay. It will only get more powerful. Students will use it. Although there are concerns, we believe that embracing AI could present exciting opportunities to rethink and reimagine our approach to TLA at SU so that we can equip our graduates with the necessary skills to work responsibly with AI.

DLTE@SU, January 2023

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​​ Working document on Chat GPT in Higher Education Teaching-Learning-Assessment

FAQ’s about ChatGPT are listed here
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​​ChatGPT and AI

in Higher Education​


AI like ChatGPT is here to stay. It will only get more powerful. Students will use it. Embracing AI presents exciting opportunities to rethink and reimagine TLA at SU. ​​

​​What is ChatGPT?

AI.pngChatGPT is an easy-to-use AI chatbot that can ‘read’ and ‘answer’ posed questions and prompts in natural, written language. It can also produce code, essays, poems, and stories, or solve problems in code and identify faults in calculations. 

Why take note?

The use of AI technologies like ChatGPT impacts TLA practices for both students and lecturers. Given that this will become a part of our students’ future careers and everyday lives, it may not be sensible to prohibit its use outright. Instead, this offers an opportunity to cultivate student responsibility by, for example, adapting TLA outcomes to call for more engagement in process-orientated formative assessments

How can we respond? 

AI.png As a leading HE institution and trusted knowledge partner, the most responsible response is to alter and adapt our TLA practices to account for the advances in AI technology and its future applications. We motivate, therefore, that there are ways of embracing AI for the future of TLA at SU. 

More details

For information, please consult the ChatGPT and AI in Higher Education Teaching-Learning-Assessment discussion document.
For TLA support, please contact:

  • The CLT advisors for guidance on meaningfully incorporating learning technologies in your TLA practices.
  • Your faculty’s CTL advisor for rethinking TLA strategies to enhance student learning and uphold academic integrity.
  • Your faculty librarian.​​​​

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​​​​​​Discussion series:​

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  ​Discussion 1: AI in T-L-A at SU - where are we?​

Webinar on AI in T-L-A​ on 8 March 2023​

​​ChatGPT's implications for TLA​

Dr A van der Merwe_Presentation.pdf

What is ChatGPT?​

Prof Bruce W. Watson_Presentation.pdf

Discussion 2: AI in Higher Education: ChatGPT and its implications for teaching, learning and assessment.​

​​​ Webinar on ChatGPT and its implications for T-L-A​​ on 12 April 2023​

​​ ​​​​​​AI in Higher Education​ webinar 2 slides

AI webinar 2 Slides_Seminar 2_12 April 23.pdf

Discussion 3: AI2 in Higher Education + Auxin: AI-enabled Learning

​​​ Webinar on AI-enabled learning on 23 May​ 2023​

AI in Higher Education​ webinar 3 slides

AI2 Auxin webinar 3.pdf

Discussion 4: AI2 and student assessment

​​​ Webinar on AI-enabled learning on ​21 June​ 2023​

AI in Higher Education​ webinar 4 slides

AI2 webinar 4.pdf

AI tool for assessment as learning_Sharon Malan.pdf

Discussion 5:AI​​​- Values to underpin our approach to AI in HE​

​​​ Webinar on values to underpin our approach to AI in HE ​on 18 September 2023​

​Podcast: Is ChatGPT and AI the end of assessment as we know it?​​​​​


​​​ ​Podcast: Artificial Intelligence and other AI - Academic integrity in assess​ment​​​

​SU Short Course: AI Literacy in HE TLA​​​

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More information​​


​An introduction to AI in Teaching-Learning-Assessment


​Video created by Dr Jan Petrus Bosman, Centre for Learning Technologies




Podcast created by Dr Jan Petrus Bosman, Centre for Learning Technologies

Introduction to AI in TLA​​

A whole new world: Bridging the gap between critical digital pedagogies and the (new) automated virtual teaching and learning environment​

Seminarpresented by Dr Sonja Strydom, Centre for Learning Technologies

Much has been written about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, automation and 21st-century skills. These narratives have also found their way into the higher education domain. Globally, it is expected of higher education institutions to be forward-thinking and embrace new technological advancements, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

This seminar will emphasise the importance of critically considering these two worlds, which ask of us to respond to the unique contextual needs of students in different institutions while, simultaneously, developing a deeper understanding of the opportunities and impact that automation and, specifically, artificial intelligence in education can offer. The seminar serves as a first step in raising awareness and opening the discussion about these important components and about how we, as lecturers and professional administrative support services staff, can continue to respond to this within Stellenbosch University and the broader higher education learning environment. ​​