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​The Centre for Learning Technologies team includes Advisors who are available for individual consultation with academic staff on issues related to blended learning and/or e-learning initiatives or research projects. This consultation service is provided on request if and when a lecturer or head of department has an interest in using technology to enhance learning for their students.  As a University, we strive to incorporate technology in a meaningful way into the curriculum, this requires an approach whereby the learning needs are placed at the forefront of the conversation as opposed to finding a way of inserting a specific technology into the course just because it is interesting or exciting. ​

Advisors from the CLT approach consultations with a theoretical (pedagogy) background and work with the lecturer in understanding what the needs are for his/her course(s) as determined by the module outcomes. This is then used as the basis for engaging with the available and most applicable technology in his/her context to meet those needs.

Consultations, where needed, can be focussed around programme/curriculum renewal. The standard process followed for this activity would be initial consultations as described above which will then inform a proposal provided to the module chair/department by the advisor. This process, though a lengthy one, is encouraged by the Strategy for Information and Communication Technology at Stellenbosch University. It is a process that requires critical thinking and analysis of the learning needs of the students as well as the available resources that can be used to meet the outcomes of a course.

As advisors, we encourage lecturers to document their endeavours in this regard and where possible, engage in scholarly activities such as research articles, case studies or conference presentation. This is done in conjunction with the Centre for Teaching and Learning as well as faculty-based research and development entities. 

Appointments can be arranged via e-mail: ​

Dr Jan Petrus​ Bosman​

Director: Centre for Learning Technologies

+27 21 808 3077​
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Dr Sonja Strydom​

Deputy-Director: Academic Development & Research

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Ms Magriet de Villiers

Learning Technologies

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