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The Centre for Learning Technologies is committed to supporting staff in their efforts to include technology meaningfully into their courses for students. As a team, we are often asked to provide advice regarding a specific software package or tool that a lecturer would like to incorporate into their teaching practice. These could include podcasting or lecture-capture software, internet-based tools such as the Google suite, and tools used for creating an active learning environment. We are also aware of the pivotal role that the learning management system, SunLearn, plays in many of the courses across the various campuses.

Basic training sessions on SUNLearn and other University-supported software are provided to staff on a regular basis. These sessions are often of a generic nature, however, departmental training is also an option we offer. In departmental training sessions, training takes on a more needs-specific nature, moving away from the generic to a personalised format. All training is directed to academic and administrative staff, and where necessary, staff are advised and supported in how to provide students with basic instructions on the use of these tools.

The support team and advisors in the Centre provide the follow-up support for staff once these tools are implemented into teaching practice through telephonic, email or face-to-face consultation. User-guides and training manuals are being created and updated on a regular basis as further support. Currently, there are blended learning coordinators within a number of the faculties who are also available for this support.

Workshops and lunch-time sessions on the use of technology for meeting specific needs in the classroom, such as assessment, communication and collaboration are also offered through the Centre. These are advertised within faculties and provide a platform in which staff are able to build on their experience and knowledge of the theory and practicalities of teaching in order to add the technology that best suits their needs.

The Centre also offers an accredited short course in Blended Learning which provides a more immersive environment in which staff members are able to learn how to best integrate the technology into their courses with a strong focus on the pedagogy that is the foundation for blended learning. This course is offered free to staff members and is funded by the Teaching Development Grant.  

Training and support queries can be sent to the SunLearn support desk: learn@sun.ac.za or call the helpdesk on 021 808 2222

For workshop and short course queries, please contact Ms A'isha Salaam: aandrews@sun.ac.za or Dr JP Bosman: jpbosman@sun.ac.za

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