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PASS Staff Training opportunities


SUI has developed a number of PASS programmes to offer dedicated focus on development of PASS staff. This is to provide an opportunity for PASS staff to engage and connect with their peers within an international setting. PASS Staff Training opportunities allow PASS staff to develop on a professional and personal level. These programmes are becoming a vehicle to d​rive the internationalisation policy throughout all environments of the University. It also provides a strong mechanism for the University to become the employer of choice. 

Lund University – Stellenbosch University Blended Staff Development Programme

This programme is a dedicated bilateral mobility programme with Lund University in Sweden.This blended programme focusses on the professional development and continuing education of Professional Administrative Support Staff, the learning of new skills and the gaining of an international experience while interacting with piers.

The programme addresses in detail the topics of inter-cultural skills and inclusion and aims to provoke a joint discussion on internationalisation within diverse university fields. The topics are introduced alongside best-practice examples from Stellenbosch University and Lund University, which will be explored in joint discussions, and will be presented in a combination of online-sessions as well as face-to-face interactions.

2019 Programme

The first Support Staff Mobility Programme with Lund University took place from 7 to 11 October 2019 at Lund. The 10 participants were selected from 35 applications that show the growing interest in a programme that is focused specifically on the personal and professional development of Support Staff. Watch the video of the programme here: (link to video ) (add brochure of who attended).​

Trilateral Staff Development Programme