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Insurance: Students and their property


"A safe campus for all" – these words give expression to a core aspiration of Stellenbosch University (SU). 

Not only does SU conduct a continuous campaign to make staff, students and visitors aware of potential risks that may threaten their safety and/or health, but where necessary, Risk Management and Campus Security is made use of, as well as the South African Police Service, to continually enforce and monitor security measures. Students participate in academic trips, laboratory experiments, sport and other voluntary activities where they can be exposed to risks. 

​The University takes all reasonable measures to protect students and their property when they participate in these activities and during their daily campus life. It is however impossible to eliminate all risks. 

Since it is not possible for the University to protect students and their property against all risks, students therefore participate in all University related activities on their own risk. The University does not take out personal insurance against accidents, medical insurance or any other insurance on behalf of students. 

The University would like to draw attention to the fact that each student is responsible for his/her own insurance and therefore recommends that he/she takes out sufficient comprehensive insurance for his/her personal possessions, as well as insurance against accidents and/or medical insurance.