Meet your faculty

Each faculty has coordinated a welcoming programme to help you to get to know your faculty better, as well as the staff members and fellow students. The faculty welcome programme is compulsory. Click on your faculty to download the faculty welcome programme:


Compulsory information sessions:

Several faculties will host compulsory information sessions for selected programmes and students.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

All students with matric averages of between 60 % and 64.9 % are required to attend the compulsory information session. This session will be used to convey information on the compulsory Extended Degree Programme (EDP).

This session takes place prior to registration to ensure that students are properly advised and will be registered for the correct programmes or modules according to calendar regulations.

Date: Friday, 24 January
Time: 09:30 – 12:00
Venue: Room 3001, RW Wilcocks (no 71 on the map)

· Anita Jonker: +27 21 808 2081
· Taryn Bernard: +27 21 808 2146
· Shona Lombard: +27 21 808 2513

Faculty of AgriSciences

All students in the Faculty of Agrisciences who meet the following requirements must attend the compulsory information session:

  • an average of between 55% and 59,9% for Mathematics and/or with an average of between 45% and 49,9% for Physical Sciences (Physics and Chemistry) [for programmes leading to BScAgric, BScFor (Forestry and Natural Resource Management), BScConsEcol, BSc Food Sc and BAgric (Agri-business Management)] ; or
  • an average of between 60% and 69,9% for Mathematics [for the programme BScAgric with Soil Science and Chemistry as major subjects or the programme BScFor (Wood and Wood Products Science)]; and/or with an average of between 55% and 59,9% for Physical Sciences (Physics and Chemistry) [for the programme BScFor (Wood and Wood Products Science)] and/or
  • who have gained conditional admission to the Extended Degree Programme.

Date: Thursday, 23 January 2020
Time: 15:30 – 16:30
Venue: Lecture Room 1002, JS Marais Building (no 61 on the map)

Dr Natasja Brown: +21 21 808 2015