Center for Student Counseling & Development
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Overview & Staff

​​​The Unit for Psychotherapeutic and Support Services offers professional support and counselling to students who are experiencing personal, professional or academic challenges, emotional or mental trauma or mental health challenges. Our qualified psychologists, counsellors and social workers render these services. The services offered by counsellors and social workers also extend to students who need welfare, food assistance and emergency relief.



Head: Unit for Psychotherapeutic and Support 21 808 4976
Senior Counselling Psychologist 808 4994
Senior Clinical Psychologist 938 9590
Clinical 938 9590
Clinical PsychologistJan-Hendrik 808 4994
Clinical 808 4994
Clinical 808 4994
Counselling 938 9590
Counselling psychologistNordlindFouché 808 4994
Registered counsellorDeviné 808 4994