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The following are examples of questions that we regularly receive from employers:

  1. Please send me a list of all the top students/students in a specified degree course/faculty:

By law, we are not permitted to disclose any contact details of our students. Therefore, we may not supply any lists of students to employers.

However, employers are welcome to send an advertisement regarding their opportunities to​​ to be uploaded to our Careers Portal Advertising on the portal is free.


  1. Our company has a vacancy that needs to be filled immediately. Please advertise this to your past graduates:

We do not keep a database of students who have already graduated. Once a student graduates, his/her university e-mail address becomes invalid and he/she cannot be contacted. We suggest that the vacancy be advertised on our Careers Portal where interested graduates can see it. Send the advertisement to​​ to be uploaded to our Careers Portal Advertising on the portal is free.


  1. Our company has started with a graduate programme and would like to advertise this to students who graduate at the end of the year:

We can advertise your programme to currently enrolled students by doing a mailshot to them. You supply us with an e-mail (with no attachments) smaller than 100 kb, which we then forward to the students that you target. A fee is payable for this service. Send your request to​​​.


  1. Which services does your office offer to employers?

Our biggest events are the annual career fairs that we organise. These are usually at the end of July and/or beginning of August. We organise three career fairs: general, accounting, and engineering.

Employers can book offices with us where they can interview students.

A bigger room is available where written assessments can be conducted.

We publish a Graduate Recruitment booklet in which employers can place a full-page advertisement. Employers who participate in the career fairs will also have an entry in the booklet.

An e-mail can be sent to students via the Careers Services.

We manage an online Careers Portal at on which employers can advertise free of charge.