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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Research student information 

Computers and Software

Honours students normally make use of the common computer lab in Room 2023. ​The MSc students use the computer lab in Room 2021 and the PhD students use Room 2012. 

The computers in the Honours and Masters lab are to be used on a first come fist served basis. You are not allowed to block computers or workspaces with personal property and then leave. This is a fair etiquette towards your collegues!

At peak times, when the MSc computer lab does not have enough capacity, MSc students may also use the Honours computer lab, where there is usually enough space. 

The Honours and Master labs are supplied with desktop computers that are connected to the Internet. Windows and Microsoft are pre-installed along with some basic and geology relevant software. Should you require a laptop, a different operating system (other than Windows), and/or ​specialised software packages, you or your thesis supervisor must supply these out of his/her research cost points.


Note that, as per University regulations, you must pay for your Internet access, as well as any printing or photocopying charges that you may incur.

We cannot stress strongly enough the need for you! to backup your important research files and thesis parts. In 2013 and 2014 students lost parts of their work close to thesis submission deadline through failing to backup. The worst has a way of happening, so regularly back up your data, etc. to an Internet Cloud, a hard disk or a large-capacity USB flash drive. Keep the backup drive in a separate place.



For organizing your project-related research field trip / accommodation / vehicle booking, you may, with express permission from your supervisor, request the departmental administrator to make use of her phone (Room 1011). For reporting emergencies in the laboratories, make use of the phone in the laboratory, if available. For all other purposes, you may only use your own personal phone.


Vehicle rentals​

You may need to hire a vehicle for the purposes of field work, or to visit another institution (for research purposes). The Department has no vehicles of its own. However, the University has a large variety of vehicles available in its Vehicle Fleet. Additionally, the University has an arrangement with Bidvest, to supply rental vehicles at an advantageous price. The Vehicle Fleet compound is located on Banghoek Rd, just north of the Campus. Bidvest is located in Merriman Place, in the town.

​If you need a vehicle, you and your supervisor must decide on the type required and the duration of the rental, and your DoS needs to allocate funding (i.e., provide a costpoint number). Please check with the Departmental Officer (Mrs Strydom) which types of vehicles are available and what information she needs from you. She will arrange the rental for you once she has all the details from you. However, please remember that you need to make these requests at least 24 hours before you need the vehicle, to ensure availability and to minimise cost to your supervisor. Remember too that you are responsible for payment of any fines that you may receive as a result of traffic or parking offences.

E-mail the following information if you would like to make a vehicle reservation to Mrs Strydom: 

  • Driver / drivers names and surnames
  • Date of reservation
  • Time of pick-up
  • Date of return of vehicle
  • Time of return
  • Destination
  • Cost Point​