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Our vision is that the Department will provide the best possible environment within which both staff and students can maximise their potential, for the benefit of South Africa, through sound and practical training in our disciplines, research and scholarship. Read more ...




 Studying Earth ​Sciences at SU?

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Are you interested ? Check in the 'Student​'​            Honours class 2018
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 Research field work at Baringhup pluton..​             Core for student's core logging excercises 
Don't miss the video our honours students made about their year and the honours tour:

 Earth Sciences

special Thursday seminar: 

16. AUGUST 2018

Thursday lunchtime seminar  1 pm – 2  pm - room 2036


Re​cent publications

Implications of the distribution, age and origins of the granites of the Mesoproterozoic Spektakel Suite for the timing of the Namaqua Orogeny in the Bushmanland Subprovince of the Namaqua-Natal Metamorphic Province, South Africa
Macey PH Bailie RH Miller JA Thomas RJ de Beer C Frei, D le Roux PJ ​
macey-miller photo.jpg

n-Alkan-2-one biomarkers as a proxy for palaeoclimate reconstruction in the Mfabeni fen, South Africa
A Baker, J Routh, AN Roychoudhury
graph baker.jpg
Biomarker and leaf wax δ13C proxies from the Mfabeni record.​

Structural, geochronological and P-T constraints on subduction-accretion processes in a Pan-African accretionary wedge – The Deep Level Southern Zone of the Damara Belt in Namibia
​S Kitt, A Kisters, I Buick, J Kramers
graph kisters.jpg
Photographs showing the dominant structural elements and textural relationships preserved in the basement gneisses from the Ekuja Dome and in the Omitiomire Shear Zone (OSZ).​


2017 publication list

 ​Two high school from Strand visit the Department of Earth Sciences read more...​