Get ready for your first year at SU!

Stellenbosch University will be offering an online onboarding programme for all provisionally accepted first years during December 2022. Everything you need to know about SU and your faculty is just a few clicks away! Please note that access to this programme does not mean that you have been accepted to SU.

Current students indicated their biggest challenges when coming to SU as a first-year student. You might have also heard students talking about the heavy workload at university, the stress they experience, their study methods from school not working at university, their money not lasting through the month, that they read too slowly and that they are just not coping. We hope to put your mind at ease by covering all these aspects (and more) in the onboarding programme.

The programme is available on SUNLearn (the University’s learning management system) from 13 December 2022. This is where you will be spending a lot of time as a student, so this is an effective way to familiarise yourself with the platform.

In an extended question and answer section you will be able to search for the answer to many of the questions you may have about SU and even post your own. Videos of students sharing ways to cope at university, a virtual campus tour, and information on available support are easily accessible. You will also be able to connect with some of SU’s mentors.

For the best SUNLearn experience, use Google Chrome as your default browser.

From 13 December you can click here to access the programme.

Sign on with your username (student number only) and the password (example: SUN123456) that you use to monitor your application status. Should you have any password-related issues, feel free to visit to reset or refresh your password. You are welcome to contact for any assistance with this.

If you have questions about the onboarding programme, please e-mail: