Welcome to Stellenbosch University

Join a Listening, Learning and Living community


New students join a campus that has been organised into listening, learning and living communities (LLL). All the clusters, residences, Private Student Organisations for non-residence students (PSO wards), mentor groups, tutor groups and the listening, learning and living houses for senior students form part of LLL. The purpose of LLL is to integrate the out-of-class experience with the in-class experience to ensure academic success and a well-rounded education for students. 


A cluster is made up of a number of residences that are geographically close to one another as well as a PSO ward or two. Clusters play a significant role in the integration and support of new students on campus and ensure that students experience the University as a caring and nurturing place. They also integrate the university experience of residence students, day students and students in private accommodation. 

Mentors are appointed to support new students in adjusting to university life and are allocated in cluster context. Find out who your mentor is as soon as possible. Clusters are increasingly used as a way of organising the University, for example, Faculties now tend to employ clusters as a basis on which to form subject tutor groups.
The residences and the PSO wards belong to one of six clusters on Stellenbosch campus. Tygerberg campus forms a seventh cluster. 

Cluster meeting (Stellenbosch campus)

Students (both residence and PSO) meet from 09:00 – 13:00 on Saturday 27 January in their clusters to learn how their social integration at the University could support their academic success. Students will meet others in their cluster who follow the same programmes and learn how they could become involved in the ResEd initiative as well as how their mentors could assist them. In addition, they will be introduced to the academic support groups at the University, such as the First-year Academy (FYA) and the Academic Affairs Council (AAC).​

How can PSO students (non-residence students) become involved?

All students who do not make use of the university's residence accommodation are automatically members of a Private Student Organisation (PSO) – approximately 70% of the University's students. These students are divided in different PSO wards which provide them with all the opportunities for successful social and academic integration on campus

The PSO ward does not provide accommodation for members, but amongst others PSO students can use their student cards to book and enjoy meals at an open residence dining hall in their particular cluster. The PSO assign a mentor to each new student who can assist them with all these processes.

​There are ten PSO wards on Stellenbosch campus and one on Tygerberg campus. New students are divided into PSO wards in accordance with the university's placement policy. Students are notified about their PSO allocation per email and will also receive information regarding their PSO's welcoming programme as well as their meeting points during welcoming


Together with the residences, PSO wards form clusters. The PSO ward to which a student has been allocated also determines the cluster to which that student belongs. Should you not receive any notification of your PSO allocation, please contact Client Services on tel 021 808 9111 or info@sun.ac.za.

​Cluster name



​Erica, Helderberg, Huis Neethling, Nemesia, Serruria and the PSO wards Equité and Libertas


​Heemstede, Metanoia, Nerina and the PSO wards Pieke and Venustia


​Hippokrates, Huis Francie van Zijl, Kerkenberg, Meerhoff, Ubuntu House and the PSO ward Osler


​Academia, Botmashoogte, Concordia, Goldfields, Huis MacDonald, Huis Marais, Huis Visser, ISA, Lobelia, Nooitgedac​ht, Simonsberg and the PSO ward Olympus


​Dagbreek, Huis ten Bosch, Lydia, Majuba, Minerva and the PSO ward Aurora


​Harmonie, Huis de Villiers, Monica, Wilgenhof and the PSO wards Oude Molen and Silene​

​​WimbledonEendrag, Helshoogte, Irene, Russel Botman House, Sonop and the PSO wards Aristea and Ve​sta​


Meet your Cluster here: 

Kluster/ ClusterPlek / Venue
Gras voor Erica, Nemesia en Serruria Dameskoshuise
Lawn in front of Erica, Nemesia and Serruria Ladies Residences​
RubixGras voor Nerina Dameskoshuis
Lawn in front of Nerina Ladies Residence.
ValidusLentelus Sportgronde en Goldfields
Lentelus Sport grounds and Goldfields
VicMeyrDagbreek se quad
The quad at Dagbreek
VictoriaOntmoet by Wilgenhof
Meet at Wilgenhof

Elke koshuis ontmoet by hul onderskeie koshuise en PSO’s by die HUB waarna hul na die onderskeie venues sal beweeg.
Each residence or PSO meet at their respective residence or PSO HUB and from there they will move to the different venues.