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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Microscopy Unit provides access to advanced light and electron microscopes as well as the expertise ​of dedicated imaging scientists. We support clients from both research and industry, and our applications range from material science to biomedical research. 

Hence, we provide custom image analysis, comprehensive sample preparation for both light and electron microscopy, and consultation. ​​​

​Lize Engelbrecht (CAF Microscopy Unit) attended a Global BioImaging Conference in Uruguay last month. See the video where an interview with Lize is included.​​


Serial Block-Face SEM

Sample: Zebrafish Larvae Brain

Instrument: ThermoFisher Apreo Volumescope

Description: Serial Block-Face SEM allows for volumetric acquisition of resin embedded samples in which structures of interest can be segmented and assessed in 3D. In this example, the volumetric rendering of connected neurons in the cortical region of a zebrafish larvae brain is shown. ​

Live Cell Imaging

Sample: Glioma Cells

Instrument: Zeiss LSM 780

Description: Our t​emperature and gas control stage allows for live cell imaging of cellular and organellar events. Here, parts of the mitochondrial were photoactivated in order to quantify the rate at which they fuse and divide. ​​


Lize Engelbrecht  ​|  Madelaine Frazenburg |​  Janica Theron

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