Running retraining p​rogramme

Many runners struggle with improving their running technique for either injury pre​vention or performance improvement. This programme makes use of biofeedback to prompt runners in improving their running technique in structured training sessions on our instrumented treadmill.

What does the programme involve?

Firstly your running technique will be measured by means of a running analysis test. This will make use of inertial motion capture technology to measure joint kinematics. You complete a warm up where after you will complete three 1minute runs close to your usual race pace. From the results obtained during this session we will determine the running retraining programme that suits your specific needs. This programme will include supervised sessions on our force-instrumented treadmill during which we will utilize biofeedback/visual feedback in order to improve your running technique. Lastly retesting will take place after 4 weeks to determine the extent of the change in your running technique.

What will you get?

You will receive the results of your pre and post testing running analysis as well as a 4 week training programme with supervised sessions on our instrumented treadmill.

How long will it take?

The initial assessment session will take between half an hour to an hour. This will include the warm-up as well as the testing procedures. The following training sessions will last about 30 min. Lastly, the follow-up assessment will also take between half an hour and an hour including the warm up as well as the testing procedures.

What should you do/bring?

You will be running so you will need to bring your running clothes and running shoes.


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