Neurological me​​asures

Neurologic​​al measures


BrainProducts ActiCHamp with ActiCAP and MOVE:

  • Research-grade data at rates of up to 10 kHz
  • High-density measurements of up to 128 channels enable advanced analyses such as source localization
  • Robust artefact rejection using active gel-based electrodes makes testing during movement possible
  • Wireless MOVE system enables untethered testing at a range of up to 10m


Noraxon MyoMuscle DTS Desktop and Belt receiver systems:

  • Research-grade data at up to 3000Hz
  • Wireless wearable sensors with range of up to 30m
  • Full integration with HD video (Logitech Brio) or high-speed video (Noraxon Ninox) and wireless IMUs.