​Equipment database​


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​​​​​​​BIOGRIP Node for Soil and Water Analysis
​Ion Chromatography (IC) instrument​

O/H stable isotope analyser​

CT Scanner

​MicroCT: Phoenix Vtomex L240

​NanoCT: Phoenix Nanotom S


DNA Sequencer​​

Covaris S2 Focused ultrasonicator ​

Eppendorf Refrigerated Centrifuge

Agilent BioAnalyzer

Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

Tecan liquid handler

Qubit 4 Fluorometer

PerkinElmer LabChip Nucleic Acid Analyzer

MiniAmp Thermal cycler

Agilent 2200 TapeStation

GeneAmp 9700 PCR system

Sage Science Pippen Prep

NanoDrop spectrophotometer

Step One Plus Real-time PCR system

Verity Thermal cycler

3730xl DNA Analyser

3500xl Genetic Analyzer

GeneTitan Multi-Channel instrument

Ion Personal Genome Machine

Ion GeneStudio S5 Prime 

Proton Semiconductor sequencer

Ion S5 Semiconductor Sequencer

Ion Chef™ Instrument

Tecan liquid handler

AB Library Builder

Nuaire Glacier -86 Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer​


Light Microscopy

Zeiss LSM780 confocal microscope with ELYRA PS1 super-resolution platform

Zeiss Axio Petrographic Light Microscope 

Zeiss Stereo Light Microscope with Axio Software

Zeiss Axio Observer 7 Inverted Microscope​

Electron Microscopy​​

Zeiss MERLIN high resolution field emission scanning electron microscope (FE SEM)


​Thermo Fisher Apreo 3D FEG SEM

Flow Cytometry​ (select instrument below)

Flow Cytometry_BD FACSMelody™ Cell Sorter​

Flow Cytometry_BD FACSJazz Cell Sorter​

Flow Cytometry_AMNIS ® ImageStreamX Mk II​

Beckman Coulter DxFLEX

Flow Cytometry_Cytek® Aurora​


Brain Products ActiCAP (EEG system) 

Vicon Vantage V5 10-camera system 

Bertec instrumented treadmill 

Cortex MetaMax 3B (CPET system) 

Vicon T20 MX

Bertec floor force plate system 

Large middle plate (model: FP6090-15) and two peripheral plates (model: FP4060PT)

Noraxon MyoMuscle (EMG system) 

Noraxon MyoMotion (IMU system) 

Noraxon MyoPressure (Zebris Plate) 

Tekscan Mat (pressure plate system) 

Bertec mobile force plates (x2)


Resolution 193nm Excimer laser – model SE-50 ​

Resolution 193nm Excimer laser – model LR-50 

Thermo Scientific Element 2 SF ICP-MS

Agilent 7700 Quadrupole ICP-MS

Agilent 8800 QQQ ICP-MS

Agilent 7900 Quadrupole ICP-MS

Thermo Scientific iCAP 6200

Panalytical Axios XRF

Elementar Vario EL Cube Elemental Analyser​

​Mass Spectrometry

Waters Synapt G2 Quadrupole Time-of-flight mass spectrometer with UHPLC and photo diode array detector

Waters UPLC with Fluorescence detector and Evaporative light scattering detector

Waters TQS, TQ MS and TQS Micro Quadrupole mass spectrometer with UPLC's and UPC​

Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Fusion linked to a Thermo Scientific Nano-RS-LC​

Rest of equipment will follow soon

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance​​

Agilent Unity Inova 600 Liquid State NMR Spectrometer ​

Agilent VNMRS 500 Solid State NMR Spectrometer 

Agilent UnityInova 400 spectrometer 

Agilent VNMRS 300 Liquid State NMR Spectrometer 

CD Spectrometer ​

​​​​Vibratio​nal Spectroscopy

​HySpex Short Wave Near Infrared (SWIR-384) hyperspectral imaging camera (single camera set up) operated by Breeze (Prediktera) Software​

HySpex Visible Near Infrared (VNIR-1800) hyperspectral imaging camera (Single camera set up) operated by Breeze (Prediktera) software​

HySpex Dual VNIR/SWIR hyperspectral imaging camera set up operated by Breeze (Prediktera) software​

Four processing computers equipped with Evince (Prediktera) software for analysis of images and model development​

BUCHI NIRflex 500 equipped with a solid (left) and liquid (right) cell adapter to analyse solids and liquids​

NuMeRI Node for Infection Imaging - PET-CT Scan​ner​

Esco Biohazard Safety Cabinet

Lablogic Thin Layer Chromatograph

Charles River Nextgen PTS Reader

Perkin Elmer Clarus 580 gas chromatograph

Shimadzu Nexera XR  HPLC with an in-serie Raytest gamma detector ​