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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Teaching & Learning in Higher Education: Conferences & Project​​s


CTL members participated in various research conferences during the year.  

20191127_KCH Heltasa TEAs.jpg

At the Heltasa 2019 Conference in November in ​Ma​khanda,  Dr Karin Cattel-Holden (photo above) leads the panel discussion on Teaching Excellence Awards. 

Her research presentation was titled: ​An ‘excellence turn’? Rethinking teaching excellence awards for the public good.

20191127_Jean n Jeff Heltasa b.jpg

CTL Advisor Jean Farmer in discussion with Heltasa members at the Heltasa conference (photos above). 

Jean presented a research paper on research writing retreats as “third spaces". Such spaces allow conversations which open up ways to potentially enhance participants’ learning experiences and contribute to the transformation of the institution. ​

20191127_MS at Heltasa 700px.jpg 

Dr Melanie Skead, CTL Director (photo above)  during her and co-author ​Joni van Heerden's research presentation titled: "Sitting with discomfort”: Who are we as academic developers in a time of crisis? ​ at the Heltasa 2019 conference.​ 

20191128_GY heltasa 450 px.jpg
Dr Gert Young (photo above)​ presenting his research on "The intergroup nature of educational professional development practices" at Heltasa 2019.


SU team LCT3 July 2019 700px.jpg 
Photo above: Stellenbosch team at the Third International Legitimation Code Theory Conference (LCT3) in July 2019 at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

From left to right: Dr Margaret Blackie, Prof Ingrid Rewitzky, Dr Karin Wolff (Engineering), Prof Cecilia Jacobs (CHSE), Dr Robert Pott (Engineering), Dr Hanelie Adendorff, Dr Marnel Mouton, Dr Christine Steenkamp, Dr Ilse Rootman-Le Grange, Dr JP Bosman (CLT)​. ​

decolonization panel LCT3 July 2019 450 px.jpg 

Photo above: CTL Advisor Dr Hanelie Adendorff participating in the Decolonization panel at LCT 3 in July 2019.

From left to right: Paul Maluleka, Mlamuli Hlatshwayo, Hanelie Adendorff, Aslam Fataar.​​


EDULEARN19 w AJ.jpg 

Photo above: CTL Advisor Dr Anthea Jacobs at EDULEARN19, the 11th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, held in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) in July, 2019.​​


A list of research projects related to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, undertaken by the CTL and Faculties at SU as well as CTL advisors in collaboration with national and/or international partners. 

CTL Teaching and Learning Research Projec​ts​

  • Council on Higher Education. 2017.  Learning to teach in Higher Education in South Africa.  An investigation into the influences of institutional context on the  professional learning of academics in their roles as teachers.  Pretoria:  CHE [Online]. Available:  http://www.che.ac.za/sites/default/files/publications/PUB_HE%20Monitor%2014_20170401.pdf​ (2017, Jun 2]
  • Herman, N. 2015. The role of context in the decision-making of lecturers for participating in professional learning for teaching at a research-led university. PhD. [linked to Structure, Culture and Agency project.]
  • Jacobs, C. & Strydom, S. 2013-2014. Signature pedagogies. Please refer to Journal Articles, 2014. [linked to Signature Learning Experience project.]
  • National Collaborative Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education in Teaching and Learning. Teaching Development Grant Collaboration 2014/15 - 2016/17.
  • Van Schalkwyk, S.C., Burgoyne, M., Ruiters, J.M. & Young, G. 2012. The First-Year Experience. [linked to Signature Learning Experience project.]
  • Van Schalkwyk, S.C., Farmer, J.L., Ruiters, J.M. & Young, G. Early Assessment. Please refer to Journal Articles, 2012. [linked to First Year Academy project.]

Faculty-Specific Teaching and Learning Research Proje​​cts 

  • Adendorff, H.J. & Rewitzky, I.R. 2016. Outcome evaluation of Teaching Development Grant Project in Science at SU.
  • Adendorff, H.J. & Rewitzky, I.R. 2017. Project aimed at unpacking student perceptions of academic support in Science.
  • Cattell, K. 2010-2014. Writing Skills Strategy, Faculty of Law. Monitoring and evaluation of project.

National Teaching and Learning Research Pr​ojects

  • ​Leibowitz, B., Herman, N. & Farmer, J.L. 2011-2015. Structure, culture, agency. NRF project in collaboration with other SA universities.​

  Conferences &