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T-L-A Awards and Grants


SU is committed to recognising the importance of teaching & learning as part of the professional learning of academics.
The CTL makes available various opportunities for the promotion of research and innovation in teaching and learning.


The Finlo is a financial grant (up to R50 000 per project) for academics to develop, research and innovate their classroom practice.  Writing retreats offer dedicated writing "time away" from the office. These are biannual events (usually May and November) for both novice and experienced teaching researchers to advance their Finlo​ projects or to work on their T-L-A​ publications.

The Teaching Fellowship is a prestigious award which takes this one step further and is awarded to academics who are interested in more rigorous teaching research and innovation.

University Capacity Development Grants (UCDG) are awarded to academics who aim to enhance teaching and student learning at universities.  ​To read more about the UCDG grant, click here.

The First Year Achievement Awards​ is held in the first semester each year where first-year students from the previous year are awarded for excellent performance in their faculty. Each of the students nominates a lecturer whom they feel influenced them towards their academic success.