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​The Scholarship of Educational Leadership (SoEL) short course focuses on both Leadership in and Scholarship of teaching-learning-assessment (TLA). The idea is that we grow a critical mass of TLA leaders at SU which is in line with the professionalisation of the teaching role as described in the draft SU Teaching-Learning Policy (2023). The short course draws on two bodies of knowledge: Academic Leadership (AL) and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and aims to bring conceptual frameworks from these two bodies of knowledge into dialogue with each other. These conceptual frameworks offer participants theoretical lenses through which to interrogate and reflect on their own practices as educational leaders. The SoEL short course takes a broad view of Educational Leadership practice and includes other supporting practices namely reflection, change management, innovation and contextual awareness. 

The flagship course is intended for senior academics and PASS staff with a keen interest in TLA@SU. One participant (senior academic) per faculty per year is nominated by the Dean/Deputy Dean (T&L) upon an invitation from Prof Ramjugernath.


  • NQF level 8; twelve credits and 120 notional hours.
  • One intake per year, and it runs the whole year.


  • ​Blended learning​

​​Dates of contact sessions:

Suggested datesFocus of contact session
1 Dec 2023Welcome and introductions
23 Feb 2024Session 1: Pedagogical Leadership
26 Apr 2024Session 2: Curriculum Leadership
14 Jun 2024Session 3: Leadership for Educational Change Initiatives
30 Aug 2024Session 4: Educational Research as Leadership
3 &4 Oct 2024SoEL Writing Marathon (2 days)
4,5,6 Nov 2024Participation in annual SU Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) conference
29 Nov 2024SoEL celebration, presentations and welcoming of new cohort

The course is structured around four TLA leadership- focussed themes: Leadership in Pedagogy, Leadership in Curriculum, Leadership in TLA Change Initiatives, Educational Research as Leadership. These themes are overlapping and run concurrently throughout the course.

The short course aims to:

  • Engage participants (e.g. Vice-Deans T&L, Programme leaders, Dept Chairs, innovative and scholarly lecturers, staff from T&L-related units, etc.) in scholarly approaches to educational leadership (EL) practices.
  • Introduce participants to the scholarship of educational leadership (SoEL) in order to integrate this literature and realise its implications for their own EL context.
  • Guide participants towards applying SoTL research skills to own EL context (such as reviewing literature, defining SoEL research questions, designing research methods, disseminating results).
  • Encourage participants to demonstrate critically reflective practice of their EL in the form of a mini-portfolio.
  • Apprentice SoEL participants into the SoTL and SoEL CoPs to become part of the SU TLA leaders.​


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