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Assessment short course


The Assessment short course is presented every year during the first and second semester​. 

The design of the course is closely aligned with the revised Assessment Policy (2022), supporting assessment that promotes student learning. The course is registered as an official SU short course (Competence) and follows a blended approach, combining fully online, asynchronous, self-study activities (on SUNOnline) and face-to-face (F2F) contact sessions. Completion of the short course will require that participants spend about 50 hours on these activities.

During the short course, participants will work through a facilitated process of thinking and deliberating, evaluating, and formulating the assessment strategies for their own modules, with a view of enabling them to design assessments that are learning centred (SU Teaching & Learning Policy, 2018) and support a transformative student experience (SU Vision 2040 and Strategic Framework 2019-2024). 

After successful completion of this short course, participants should be able to:

  • Critique their own assessment practices by
    • incorporating the different purposes of assessment,
    • applying a framework with criteria and principles for meaningful assessment, and
    • engaging with relevant scholarly literature.
  • Design assessment practices aligned with the outcomes and learning opportunities of a specific module.
  • Use feedback as part of assessment to enhance student learning.
  • Incorporate peer- and self-assessment into assessment practices.
  • Consider the affordances and challenges of:
    • Different methods / tools for assessment,
    • Online assessment.

Participants will receive feedback on their assessment strategies at various stages during the course (formative assessment) and present their final strategies during the last contact session for peer assessment (summative assessments). A final reflection (summative assessment) will result in successful completion of the short course.

​See below an overview of the short course: 

Course Overview.png

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