Centre for Teaching and Learning
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Teaching-learning-assessment (TLA) at SU is guided by various institutional documents, guidelines and policies, including the Teaching and Learning policy, the Assessment policy, Language policy and the Strategy for Teaching and Learning.


​With regard to teaching and learning the strategy describes the following responsibilities:

  • the responsibility to learn and to take advantage of opportunities rests with the student;
    student organisations have a role to play in supporting and encouraging students, as well as in providing mentoring and leadership;
  • the responsibility to design and implement optimal opportunities for learning to take place rests with teaching academics; 
  • the responsibility to provide and maintain adequate facilities for teaching and learning rests with organisational units in charge of the University's physical and virtual infrastructure;
  • the responsibility to provide professional advice and practical help to enhance teaching rests with central support units and support staff in faculties;
  • the responsibility to provide strategic direction for the teaching function rests with the university management. 

At Stellenbosch University there are various resources available to lecturers with regard to their teaching and learning. Please refer to the
Quick Guide for T-L-A at SU and the DeLTA framework pages for further information. The resources in this section aims to equip lecturers for, and guide them through the process of designing opportunities for optimal student learning.