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Collaboration with our partners, networks, centres, and institutions is essential for the sharing of knowledge and expertise.  From these collaborations, Stellenbosch University host's a variety of webinars that are open to all staff and students. 

​Below you will find a breakdown of all the upcoming webinars: 

Embassy of Japan Webinars 

The Embassy of Japan and Stellenbosch University has joined forces in collaborating on a webinar series involving Japanese and South African experts deliberating on internationally relevant topics.

 Join us for the following thought-provoking discussions.

​​Webinar ​​

​Japan, Africa and the Free and Open Indo-Pacific

​24 March 2021
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​Uncover the Secrets of the Japanese SAKE
​25 November 2021
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​The appeal of South African wine and the Japanese wine market
​26 November 2021
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Women in Economics​
​3 March 2022
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​Milestones  HIV Vaccin​e Development​
​17 March 2022
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Embassy of Japan Seminars 


Japan and South Africa - Toward a genuine partnership

​11 August 
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