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Welcome to the 18th Stellenbosch International Academic Networks (SIAN) meeting!​​


Although it will be virtual, our welcome is real, and our excitement is already palpable. We are looking forward to our engagement in learning with - and from you!
At SU International, we have moved from emergency one-dimensional internationalisation (“ensuring everyone reaches home safely") to a more thoughtful stage, which I would like to refer to as Augmented Comprehensive Internationalisation, not just hybrid, but augmented.
Generally, augmented means “greater in size or value". In music terms, it denotes an interval “denoting or containing an interval which is one semitone greater than the corresponding major or perfect interval" or “An augmented product has been enhanced by its seller with added features or services to distinguish it from the same product offered by its competitors. Augmenting a product involves including intangible benefits or add-ons that go beyond the product itself."
The pandemic has seen SU International focusing not only on our core aspects, but also reaching for that interval “one semitone greater". All the possibilities offered by the virtual world, which ironically, have always been there, are now enabling us to enhance our “product". We trust that the SIAN engagement will help us to further augment internationalisation at SU.​
Apart from sharing some new initiatives at SU as well as a hybrid visit to our Tygerberg campus, we would like to learn from you about partnership policies and global learning. In between, we will work on our intercultural skills through virtually preparing a local dish and do a hybrid wine tasting – virtual but hopefully also real….
Have a safe cyber journey when you join us the middle of October!


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