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Welcome to Stellenbosch University

​​​​​​It's never a dull moment in this historic town. Surrounded by the lush mountain ranges of the Western Cape, it's an area brimming with activities for the young, old and everyone in between.

Savour gastronomic treats. Entertain yourself in the many theatres and music halls. And go on some of the best wine tours the country and continent can offer at the more than 200 vineyards located nearby. The University is about 50 km from Cape Town and 30 km from Cape Town International Airport.​​

Contact numbers of alternative transport services available in Stellenbosch:

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​2. Calvyn Heynes Transport              ​
​084 2900 460
​3. C Shuttle Up
​072 2464 592
​4. Stellen Tours s
​064 2332 823
​5. EZ Shuttle
​086 1397 488
​6. Stellenbosch Shuttle
​084 7309 467/ 076 9174 779