Welcome to Stellenbosch University

Take your safety seriously

​Students must take safety precautions.

Follow these tips:
Never walk alone, especially at night. Plan to walk in groups, use the shuttle service or request security to escort you.
Keep your phone and valuables out of sight of other people.
Carry a whistle and pepper spray at all times to be able to draw attention if needed. Criminals hate attention. 
Choose the safest route, even if it is not the shortest. Victoria Street and Bosman Street need to be the core of your route.
Avoid isolated areas, especially when you exercise early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
Be conscious of your environment, as criminals prefer to target someone not aware of his/her direct surroundings.
Keep a safe distance if a motorist asks for directions.
If you suspect that someone might be following you, change direction.
Be a caring Matie: accompany a friend.
Property on a car seat is tempting to a thief. Lock it in the boot.

Safety escort at night: If you need to move between campus buildings, or from a building to your car after dark (20:00 – 05:00), a security officer will escort you. Call 021 808 2333 or alternatively 021 808 4202 and wait for the officer to join you. You can also Whatsapp the security office at 082 808 2333 to contact you. Unfortunately no voice calls to this number is possible. 

Safest routes: Bosman and Victoria streets are the safest routes. At night a security officer is on duty in the mobile security kiosk. 

Shuttle service: On weekdays the shuttle service runs from 07:00 to 17:30 on a fixed schedule from the general parking area on the edge of the campus to central campus (refer to www.sun.ac.za/mobility-shuttles). At night it runs on the hour from 18:00 to 02:00 from the Neelsie parking area at the main entrance to the Neelsie (east side). The buses run up to a 6 km radius from the central campus. This service is available from Monday to Sunday during class and exam periods. You need your student card to make use of this service. Visit the safety website for updates.

EMERGENCY NUMBERS (save these numbers on your mobile phone)
Stellenbosch campus 24-hour emergency number: 
021 808 2333

Enquiries / reporting / safety escort: 
021 808 2333 or alternatively 021 808 4202

Tygerberg campus 24-hour emergency number:
021 938 9507

082 808 2333