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Maties Sport

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Maties Sport doesn't beat around the bush. With an emphasis on high performance sport it wants to:

  • Achieve a dominant position in focus sport codes;
  • Develop world-class sportsmen and women;
  • Deliver an excellent experience of university sport;
  • Promote participation in sport for recreational purposes.
  • Increase the percentage of sport stars who also achieve academic success.    

Maties Sport believes sport makes a great contribution towards student success.

​Participation in sport teaches self-discipline and time management and offers crucial outlets for stress and tension. Both competitive and recreational sport provide students with opportunities to socialise, develop friendships and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Maties Sport accepts co-responsibility for the optimal holistic development of student-athletes and the empowerment of high-performance athletes.

Maties Sport offers the following sports codes: Rugby, hockey, netball, football, athletics, swimming, cricket, tennis, squash, badminton, golf, gymnastics, rowing, ca noe, sailing, underwater sport, water polo, surfing, basketball, judo, kendo, taekwondo, cycling, equestrian, ultimate (Frisbee), fencing and chess.

The Maties Parasport Club also offers athletics, swimming, cycling, wheelchair rugby and goal ball for people with disabilities.

Participate in:

  • ​​Varsity Cup, Varsity Sports, Intervarsity and USSA competitions;22.Squash1.jpg
  • Regional and local leagues and competitions;
  • Residence leagues and competitions.

Benefit from:

  • The High Performance Sport Unit sport codes are: Rugby, hockey, netball, football, athletics, swimming, cricket, cycling and basketball. The focus falls mainly on three key areas: Sports medicine, performance enhancement and empowerment;
  • Recreation and Active Lifestyles Unit (RALU) promotes physical wellness for staff and students and creates an environment where non-conventional sport and activities are enjoyed and played;
  • Centre for Human Performance Sciences;
  • Maties Gymnasium.


Tel: 021 808 4642
Email: matiesport@sun.ac.za
Web: www.sun.ac.za/sport
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SUMatiesSport
Twitter: @MatiesSport