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Psychotherapy & Personal Development


The Unit for Psychotherapeutic and Support Services (UPSS) offers a free psychotherapeutic, social and developmental service to all enrolled students to help them attain success in their studies.

Types of Issues

Types of issues for which students often seek help:

  1. Problems with adjusting at the university and being away from home
  2. Despondency and depression
  3. Dealing with loss and other traumatic occurrences
  4. Feelings of being inferior and a poor self-image
  5. Excessive stress during exams and at times when performance is required
  6. Unpleasant anxiety and tension
  7. Anxiety to act in front of people
  8. Detrimental effects of alcohol and other substance abuse
  9. Concerns regarding weight, eating habits and looks
  10. Conflict and other problems in relationships
  11. Loneliness
  12. Uncertainty about sexuality
  13. Social problems

Your Plan of Action

If you require assistance with any of the above or any other issue, follow the steps below:

Step 1: If you are going through an acute crisis and require immediate help, contact the crisis service.

Step 2: If you are not experiencing a crisis, consult the information material on the web site of the Centre for Student Counselling and Development (CSCD) and follow the guidelines set out in the material.

Step 3: If you have read and applied these guidelines and they fail to bring relief to your problem, join a workshop on the subject, or join a therapeutic group.


How to make an appointment:

Stellenbosch campus: Make an appointment with our receptionists at 49 Victoria Street, or call us on 021-808-4994. The therapist on duty will conduct an interview with you, obtain the relevant information from you and make a recommendation accordingly.

Tygerberg campus: A similar service is available on the Tygerberg campus. Call 021-938-9590, or visit our office at Student Health Services to arrange an appointment.