Please click here to download the Psychology CPD WELL brochure for 2021.

The Psychology CPD WELL programme at the Stellenbosch University (SU) Centre for Student Counselling and Development is a comprehensive, one-year continuing professional development (CPD) programme for psychologists, psychometrists and counsellors. 

An accredited service provider, Psychology CPD WELL, is designed to help you as a health care practitioner maintain and develop your academic and professional credentials. Our programme offers you a convenient and affordable platform with various options to acquire all the CEUs you need. This will help you comply with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) regulations, as earning CEUs is mandatory to retain your professional registration.

All healthcare practitioners are required to earn 30 CEUs per year and a total of at least 60 CEUs over every two-year period. The Professional Board for Psychology has specified that the required 30 CEUs per year should include six Ethics units. (For the revised guidelines for psychology on the HPCSA website, click here.) We have therefore included the required six Ethics units in our comprehensive programme for 2021.

Psychology CPD WELL is approved as an official service provider for a maximum of 42 CEUs per practitioner for 2020 and has applied for accreditation for 2021.​​


Psychology CPD WELL is a registered short course at Stellenbosch University (SU). After successful completion, a digital copy of the certificate will be e-mailed to participants. Participants also receive an electronic transcript indicating their CEUs for the completed year.

Record of the units obtained will be stored on the short course system for quite a while. Please take good care of the certificate, as SU's policy indicates that certificates cannot be re-issued. Prospective participants may choose from the following options – click on the option for more information:

Option AFull-day workshop: Teletherapy – Ethical considerations and challenges (Level 1: 7 Ethics CEUs).​

Option B: Online: Study PowerPoint presentations and videos (Professional interest group, Level 2: 12 CEUs, including 3 Ethics units).​

Option CGENERAL Online: Study ten topical journal articles, including two ethics articles (Professional interest group, Level 2: 30 CEUs, including 6 Ethics units).​

Option C: INDUSTRIAL PSYCHOLOGY Online: Study ten topical journal articles, including two ethics articles (Professional interest group, Level 2: 30 CEUs, including 6 Ethics units).​

Please note:

  • There are three options to choose from and combine: Options A to C. You may enrol for any of the individual options as well as a combination of two options.

  • Please note that only a combination of options and Option C will enable you to qualify for the required yearly units (minimum 30 points, including six ethic points).

  • Options A or B on their own will NOT be sufficient for the required yearly points.​​


  1. All certificates are distributed electronically.
  2. After successful completion of the programme and payment reflection, the digital certificate will be sent via e-mail.​

how to register?

The Psychology CPD WELL programme is a comprehensive one-year programme. Enrollment is done annually, and participants are under no obligation to enrol for more than one year. All electronic articles and presentations will remain available until the questionnaires have been successfully completed or up until the closing date of Friday, 26 November 2021.​

Registration process:

  1. Complete the online registration forms listed below.
  2. Each registration will be confirmed by e-mail.
  3. Participants register annually for one or more of the three options.
  4. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  5. After completing each year's sessions, participants will be issued a Psychology CPD WELL CEU certificate.​

Click here​ to register. 

Register online:

Option AFull-day workshop: Re-visit your Ethical Practice (Level 1: 7 Ethics CEUs). Click here​ to register for Option A.

Option BOnline programme: Professional interest group, study PowerPoint presentations and videos (Level 2: 13,5 CEUs, including 3 Ethics units)​. Click here​ to register for Option B.
Option C: General (Professional interest group, Level 2: 30 CEUs, including 6 Ethics units). Click here​​ to register for Option C: General. 
Option CIndustrial Psychology (Professional interest group, Level 2: 30 CEUs, including 6 Ethics units). Click here​​ to register for Option C: Industrial Psychology.

Option B and C: Click here​ to register for Combined Option B and C. ​​​​

CPD Well is accredited by ​hpcsa

Option A:
​SAMA accredited (South African Medical Association) for all HPCSA accredited professions
Accredition number: MDB015/110/01/2021

Option B:
Accreditation numbers: PSB004/PSYSSA488/2021 
Accredited for 12 CEU's, of which nine are General CEUs and three are Ethics CEUs​

Option C (General):
Accreditation numbers: PSB004/PSYSSA464/2021 to PSB004/PSYSSA473/2021
Accredited for 30 CEU's, of which 24 are General CEU's and six are Ethics CEU's

Option C (Industrial): 
Accredited numbers: PSB004/PSYSSA474/2021 to PSB004/PSYSSA483/2021
Accredited for 30 CEU's of which 24 are General CEU's and six Ethics CEU's

what does it cost?

Cost breakdown:

CPDWell cost.png

What happens if I need to cancel?

Cancellations made on or before 19 February 2021 will receive a 50% refund of the registration fee. For cancellations after this date, the full registration fee will, unfortunately, be forfeited.​

How do I pay?

A secure online registration facility is available on our website: www.psychologycpdwell.com. Please provide your student number and reference number as indicated on the invoice, and please send proof of payment to cpdwell@sun.ac.za.​

sunonline: our online learning platform

The Psychology CPD Well programme uses SUNOnline (Stellenbosch University's online learning platform) to share learning material and content with you. Have a look at the platform here:


information and liability

The Psychology CPD Well team has taken all reasonable care in making the arrangement for the programme. In the event of unforeseen disruptions, SU cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred by delegates. The programme is correct at the time of printing but Stellenbosch University reserves the right to alter the programme. If and when deemed necessary. Delegates should make their own arrangements with respect to personal insurance. The organiser reserve the right to make changes as and when necessary without deemed prior notice to the parties concerned. All disputes are subject to resolution under South African Law. Should such events as Forc  Majeuere (e.g. war, earthquake, fire, flood, vandalism, destruction, act of God or of government, legislative enactment or amendment, regulatory interference strikes, lockouts or any other industrial disputes as well as other caused beyond the reasonable control of a party) render the organisers unable to deliver such service, the organiser shall not be held responsible. The organiser cannot be held responsible for any damages, and or costs whatsoever arising from any alteration or cancellation. The purpose of lectures and presentations at Psychology CPDW Well is to provide continued professional education for purposes of CPD points and to discuss principles of psychology: and not all to be used for purposes of individual advice or therapy Stellenbosch University: Centre for Student Counselling and Development are not liable to any participant in the programme or third party for any harm that may be caused if the content of any lecture or presentation at Psychology CPD WELL is used for purposes of individual advice or therapy. The lectures and presentations at Psychology CPD WWELL represent the opinion of the particular presenter and not that of Stellenbosch University: Centre for Student Counselling and Development.

For any enquiries, please contact Dr Munita Dunn-Coetzee/Ms Sanet van Zyl at
(021) 808 4707 or cpdwell@sun.ac.za.